Best The Last Day on Earth Cheats

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Strategies to survive Last Day on Earth With Cheats

The Last Day on Earth is a game where your primary motive is to survive. Here in this game you have to save yourself from zombies. You can easily improve your playing skills in this game by using some RPG and some crafting elements. So here in this article we are going to reveal some strategies that will help you to survive in this game easily. In order to survive a little more you need to have a good gear, prepare yourself with enough food to survive for longer days and to build a shelter where you can easily hide yourself. Or you can easily use Last Day on Earth Cheats (visit this website >>> Online Cheats) to get unlimited resources.

Strategies to remember

  • Gather properly: When you will start playing the game you need to spend starting days by gathering all the necessities. You will be provided with a house plot and it will contain many natural resources which you have to collect. When you get something or defeat any zombie then you will get some experience. This will lead to leveling up and you will be credited with some crafting points that will help you to learn some new recipes. At first you need to get Hatchet and the Pickaxe that is going to help you in chopping the tress and mining the limestone. These two tools which help you to gather all the natural resources present in your land. After clearing everything you will go to the level 3.
  • Master Combat: In this game you will be always expose to new dangers and you have to prepare yourself accordingly. The sneak’s attacks are the best. You just have to tap the bottom of crouch present in the right corner in the bottom and it will make you crouch. Though in this mode your movements will be very much slower but it will be hard to detect you and you can easily smack your enemy from behind. The striking will be very hard and it will instantly kill the enemy. Melee weapons will help you to hit your enemy quietly as they won’t alarm any enemy. Guns will help you to defeat your enemies from a long distance. But it can make other enemies know about your presence that can turn the situation against you. You can keep the track of the danger by looking into the mini-map where you can find red blip which indicates something is coming towards you. The blip indicates two cases, one is any fast biter is coming or a player character is coming. Though fast biter are usually weak and you can defeat them with proper weapon but any player character can be deadly. Try to attack the enemy when they are not wearing anything as it can increase your chances of defeating them and raking away all their goodies.
  • Level 10: If you get to the level 10 then you can easily get the armor. It will help you to fight the enemies when you won’t have any other weapon to defend yourself.


Follow these points to stay longer in this game and master this game.

The Need Of Using Score Hero Cheats

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The Need Of Using Score Hero Cheats

Playing Smartphone game is the best way to spend extra time and when this is about playing the soccer game in mobile then there is nothing like this. Score! The hero is the best game in all kind of it and the reason is awesome gameplay with easy to play interface. Anyone can avail it from Apple app store and Google play store according to Smartphone platform. The main currency of this game is cash and earning it by playing with tips and tricks is the most daunting task. The other thing which is called as the worst thing is energy. If you are a player of this game then don’t worry because Score Hero Cheats is the alternate way to get rid of these small issues. This is a tool (read more in here: which will provide you unlimited cash and energy for 24 hours.

Security Features Of Score Hero Cheats

As you know that this is a generator tool which will provide you resources by manipulating the game server that’s why everyone afraid to use it. Well, this tool has many security related features which won’t let you caught by game. In any condition, if someone got traced then the anti-ban feature won’t let them ban you. This feature is in build in the generator and this is the primary feature to provide security to a user. Score Hero Cheats have some more features like the proxy which is needed to be turned on while acquiring cash and energy. This is the second feature and it provides double layer of protection which keeps you surfing on generator website as the anonymous person.

Additional features Of Generator Tool

If you have ever tried to use a generator tool then you have seen that most of the tools require download. When someone does this and install in Smartphone then they start stealing data from Smartphone. On the other hand Score Hero Cheats is the only tool which works and it doesn’t require downloading. This tool works online that’s why it is compatible with almost every Smartphone. The other feature is regularity and this is why the tool is getting more love and fame in gamers. A user can use it unlimited times but we advise you that don’t exceed the limit of five times per day. This way you will be able to play this game with unlimited coins without getting caught.

What To Do Next

Now you have unlimited coins so you can watch rewind for unlimited times. You won’t have to worry about the lack of resources. The unlimited energy will let you play the whole day and you will be the winner in a couple of days. There are hundreds of levels which mean there are lots of things to do for a beginner. Just complete beginner levels in which you are given the tutorial and then be the winner. You can also shock your friends and siblings by showing unlimited resources in your account. If someone asks you about the secret of these resources then share with them or avail these resources without telling about this generator tool.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats

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What Makes The Best SimCity BuildIt Cheat?

If you love playing SimCity BuildIt game, you might be aware of the fact that you need resources to easily move forward in the game. But, if like many other players you are not interested in spending money to shop for the resources, you can rely on SimCity BuildIt Cheats. But, when you search the web for such a tool, you will come across many of them. Here comes the question how to select the best one. Let us find the features that that can make the hack tool the best:






Easy to instigate:

You will come across cheats that can be used online, while there are also tools that will recommend you to download. It would be beneficial to go for the one that can be used online. The reason is that you need not have to download anything to your system. This, in turn, will ensure complete protection to your mobile phone or computer from virus or malware attack. Irrespective of the tool you choose, it is highly important that you should be able to quickly and easily start the resource generation process.

Unlimited resources:

It is better to compare only the SimCity Cheats that offer unlimited Golden keys, Simcash and Simoleons for the SimCity BuildIt game. In addition, the generation of these resources should happen with ease without any sort of coding and decoding from your end.

Safety and security:

This is yet another crucial aspect to look for in a money cheat tool. It is important to make sure that your SimCity BuildIt game account should not be banned for using such a tool. Furthermore, the hack tool generator should not recommend any rooting or breaking of your smartphone for using the hack.


There should not be any compatibility issue. You should be able to generate free money from any system or smartphone. This is why some hack tool creators offer online tool that will work on any system with web access.

So, you should look for a tool with the above-mentioned features to enjoy unlimited gaming in SimCity BuildIt game.

A basic understanding of SimCity BuildIt game:

This is a strategy game similar to many other games available these days. But, the thing that keeps many players attached to this game is that it is not just interesting, but the picture and graphics used in the game are highly mesmerizing. In addition, the game has an excellent storyline that brings amazeballs in players. So, they feel highly attached to the game. The task for you as the player of this game is to build your own city. You have the complete liberty to do whatever you wish to develop your city. But, you should do the same with the consciousness that everything you have done will have an influence on the other buildings in your city. This means that you should use the right strategies to create a beautiful city.

In this process, the SimCity Cheats will help you by providing the resources needed for building your city for free.

War Robots, One of the Best Massively Multiplayer Online Games for the Smartphone Users

June 12, 2017 Jeff 0

The demands for top-quality MMOs are increasing on a daily basis. The users quickly get bored with the games they play on a daily basis. They want something new and exciting on the battlefield. Fortunately, now there are some real-time PvP battle games, which are entertaining Smartphone users. The War Robots is probably one of the best among all the freemium real-time PvP battle games. Pixonic (a Russian game developer) had developed and published this game during 2014. Amazingly, it has still maintained the spot among the top Smartphone based Massively Multiplayer Online games. Let’s reveal some more interesting details about this third-person shooter game to know why it is so famous among the gamers.

Why is it quite engaging?

There were some great MMOs in the market during the development of War Robots. However, none of them were featured robots as warriors. Pixonic tried a unique approach and developed this game in which you control a giant robot during the live battles. You can either play solo or join a team of other players to win the battles. The battles will be organized among two teams of 6-6 robots. Once a robot is destroyed, a new player will automatically join the team in the online battle. People have liked the way this game works and that’s why millions of users have downloaded it.

The gameplay:

This game offers an entertaining real-time multiplayer system. As you have chosen to start the battle, the game will start searching for other players, whom you will fight. You will be a part of 6 member team and you will have to select a robot for the fight. There will be six robots in the next team and now both teams will fight in a 10 minute long battle to win the game. The main objective in this game is capturing and holding the beacons. A team, which captures the most beacons during the given time, wins the game. There is another way of winning the game and that is destroying all the robots of the enemy troop.

You will have to destroy the enemy before he starts capturing the beacons. You will also have to focus on capturing the beacons so that you can have an upper hand on your opponent. If your team destroys the enemy or captures more beacons than the enemies, it will win the battle. You can then go for another battle and enjoy the game by accomplishing some tough targets.

The design and performance:

War Robots is simply an amazing and very exciting MMO for the smartphone users. Usually, people don’t get such high-quality games for free. It is free and it has made the competition tough for other MMOs. The 3D graphics and top-quality design of the game turn the fantasy battle into a live battle. It seems like you are playing the game on the latest game console. Yes, you will have to make some in-app purchases and gain points for maintaining the account balance. This may seem a little bit frustrating, but this game’s performance will lure you towards it time and again.