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Strategies to survive Last Day on Earth With Cheats

The Last Day on Earth is a game where your primary motive is to survive. Here in this game you have to save yourself from zombies. You can easily improve your playing skills in this game by using some RPG and some crafting elements. So here in this article we are going to reveal some strategies that will help you to survive in this game easily. In order to survive a little more you need to have a good gear, prepare yourself with enough food to survive for longer days and to build a shelter where you can easily hide yourself. Or you can easily use Last Day on Earth Cheats (visit this website >>> Online Cheats) to get unlimited resources.

Strategies to remember

  • Gather properly: When you will start playing the game you need to spend starting days by gathering all the necessities. You will be provided with a house plot and it will contain many natural resources which you have to collect. When you get something or defeat any zombie then you will get some experience. This will lead to leveling up and you will be credited with some crafting points that will help you to learn some new recipes. At first you need to get Hatchet and the Pickaxe that is going to help you in chopping the tress and mining the limestone. These two tools which help you to gather all the natural resources present in your land. After clearing everything you will go to the level 3.
  • Master Combat: In this game you will be always expose to new dangers and you have to prepare yourself accordingly. The sneak’s attacks are the best. You just have to tap the bottom of crouch present in the right corner in the bottom and it will make you crouch. Though in this mode your movements will be very much slower but it will be hard to detect you and you can easily smack your enemy from behind. The striking will be very hard and it will instantly kill the enemy. Melee weapons will help you to hit your enemy quietly as they won’t alarm any enemy. Guns will help you to defeat your enemies from a long distance. But it can make other enemies know about your presence that can turn the situation against you. You can keep the track of the danger by looking into the mini-map where you can find red blip which indicates something is coming towards you. The blip indicates two cases, one is any fast biter is coming or a player character is coming. Though fast biter are usually weak and you can defeat them with proper weapon but any player character can be deadly. Try to attack the enemy when they are not wearing anything as it can increase your chances of defeating them and raking away all their goodies.
  • Level 10: If you get to the level 10 then you can easily get the armor. It will help you to fight the enemies when you won’t have any other weapon to defend yourself.


Follow these points to stay longer in this game and master this game.

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