War Robots, One of the Best Massively Multiplayer Online Games for the Smartphone Users

The demands for top-quality MMOs are increasing on a daily basis. The users quickly get bored with the games they play on a daily basis. They want something new and exciting on the battlefield. Fortunately, now there are some real-time PvP battle games, which are entertaining Smartphone users. The War Robots is probably one of the best among all the freemium real-time PvP battle games. Pixonic (a Russian game developer) had developed and published this game during 2014. Amazingly, it has still maintained the spot among the top Smartphone based Massively Multiplayer Online games. Let’s reveal some more interesting details about this third-person shooter game to know why it is so famous among the gamers.

Why is it quite engaging?

There were some great MMOs in the market during the development of War Robots. However, none of them were featured robots as warriors. Pixonic tried a unique approach and developed this game in which you control a giant robot during the live battles. You can either play solo or join a team of other players to win the battles. The battles will be organized among two teams of 6-6 robots. Once a robot is destroyed, a new player will automatically join the team in the online battle. People have liked the way this game works and that’s why millions of users have downloaded it.

The gameplay:

This game offers an entertaining real-time multiplayer system. As you have chosen to start the battle, the game will start searching for other players, whom you will fight. You will be a part of 6 member team and you will have to select a robot for the fight. There will be six robots in the next team and now both teams will fight in a 10 minute long battle to win the game. The main objective in this game is capturing and holding the beacons. A team, which captures the most beacons during the given time, wins the game. There is another way of winning the game and that is destroying all the robots of the enemy troop.

You will have to destroy the enemy before he starts capturing the beacons. You will also have to focus on capturing the beacons so that you can have an upper hand on your opponent. If your team destroys the enemy or captures more beacons than the enemies, it will win the battle. You can then go for another battle and enjoy the game by accomplishing some tough targets.

The design and performance:

War Robots is simply an amazing and very exciting MMO for the smartphone users. Usually, people don’t get such high-quality games for free. It is free and it has made the competition tough for other MMOs. The 3D graphics and top-quality design of the game turn the fantasy battle into a live battle. It seems like you are playing the game on the latest game console. Yes, you will have to make some in-app purchases and gain points for maintaining the account balance. This may seem a little bit frustrating, but this game’s performance will lure you towards it time and again.

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